Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspiration: Day 5 - Entrepreneurs!

Since I was introduced to the blogging world, bloggers have constantly amazed me. So many All of the blogs I follow are written by motivated, talented and hard working people. Blogging is all about connecting to the community, sharing new (and old) ideas and learning from other bloggers experiences. Bloggers range from stay at home mothers to teachers to lawyers to designers. And I truly believe that regardless of what a blogger's "day job" is, their blog is like a business. Think about it. Some bloggers advertise, host giveaways, run promotions of books/products/businesses, write books about blogging. Writing a blog is like running a business and it is a great way to grow a business. This is an amazing thing. Society recognizes that the blog world is an effective way to build and expand business networks. Bloggers are changing the world. :) And at the same time bloggers get to do what they love to do (write, teach, share), their blog grows, and hopefully they reap the benefits of ever-expanding world of social media networking. Awesome! The Pioneer Woman is a perfect example of this success. Does this mean that bloggers have to write books and have television cooking shows on the Food Network to be considered successful? No, of course not. But there a plenty of bloggers out there that do amazing things on a bit of a smaller scale everyday. Bloggers are Entrepreneurs taking the world by storm one blog post at a time!

Speaking of Entrepreneurs, I personally know a few :) The below links will take you to websites of a few business owners who work with small businesses to utilize this great social media network effectively to grow their businesses (and blogs!). Inspiration has definitely come from watching these business owners work toward their dreams and watching their businesses (recently) launch. For you, your business and your blog's sake - check these websites out people!!!

Appitechture LLC
Need an iPhone app? You (and your business, church, band, Etsy shop, blog, etc.) can have your very own! In the interest of fully disclosing my potential bias, my husband is one of the business owners in this venture. However, this in no way takes away from how amazing this idea is! :) Completely unbiased opinion, I swear. The 3 owners of Appitechture LLC have developed an app that is affordable to small business owners and organizations and that can be individually customized! If you have an iPhone or iPad, go to the iTunes store and search for the Silver Spool (which is a small quilting company) app. You can download it for free to see the available features of the apps that Appitechure offers. If you are interested in creating your own app, let me know!

Launch LLC
This company is run by a wonderful lady, Kelly, whom I have known since early childhood (again, I see the potential for bias here, but please keep reading I promise you will not be disappointed). Kelly is in the business of creative marketing and started her own business!! Launch specializes in branding, social media strategy, event and media coordination. She has some great ideas and her blog is definitely something you should follow!

Moral of today's story - get out and network with somebody! There is a bit of Entrepreneur in all of us!

Is there an Inspirational Entrepreneur in your life?

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