Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inspiration: Day 2 - Good Eats!

I love food. Almost as much as I love coffee (and wine). But food does come in a close 3rd. :) Over the past year or so, a few ladies in particular have rocked my kitchen's world. Some with healthy recipes, some with comfort food. It is all delicious! These ladies have truly inspired me to make my way into my kitchen and become more comfortable doing so.

Here is some Good Eats Inspiration:

Healthy Eats~

Gina @ Skinnytaste has been a true inspiration this year. It is safe to safe that I try more of her recipes than any other foodie's blog. Her food is healthy AND delicious! Who knew? And she gives you the nutrition info for each recipe. If you haven't tried one of her recipes you are really missing out!

Aggie @ Aggie's Kitchen, a fellow Floridian, has some delicious eats that you have got to try! She will not disappoint!

Comfort Food~

Laurie @ Simply Scratch post recipes of some delicious meal (and dessert) ideas. From smoothies to doughnuts, this lady will knock your kitchen's socks off.

The Pioneer Woman. She needs no introduction...

What have you created in the kitchen lately?

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