Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspiration: Day 1 - Get moving!

Hey there!

Over the past year I have worked to make more of a consistent effort to get my rear off the couch/out of bed and get moving! For me, exercise is as much for my mental health as it is for my physical well-being. And since starting law school, I hid behind the "I'm too ______ (tired, busy, etc.)" excuses for way too long. Last January I decided that it had to change. I started making small changes to my daily routine and gradually exercising more and more. Now believe me when I tell you I still do not exercise nearly as much as I should or wish I could, but getting even the smallest work out in does wonders for my sanity. And not making any drastic changes in my daily routine made it easier to stay consistent and maintain a schedule.

My stress relief exercise of choice is usually running. And motivation is so key. Whenever I am lacking in the motivation department (and I do not have time to watch Rocky IV, which we all know to be the best Rocky movie that has ever been made) I check out these blogs:

fANNEtastic food
This blog is written by Anne who is attending grad school to become a Registered Dietitian. She posts healthy recipes and writes about her travels, upcoming wedding, and her everyday life, but she spends a good bit of time talking about running (and other types of exercise)! Yay! She is training for a couple road races and brings her readers along with her on her journey. She is very motivational in that she gives you the unedited version of how her training is going and real life runners can relate to her ups/downs/experiences. You should definitely stop by! And do it soon because in the above link she is giving away a New Balance GPS running watch! You can leave a comment and be entered to win! Check it out!

Tone It Up!
I love this website too! The authors of this blog/website, Katrina & Karena, have amazing ideas for workouts, eating healthy and an overall balanced life (I have met Katrina and she is super sweet!). They have great tips for fitting quick, effective workouts into your day, even when you do not think you will have time. I have not tried their diet plan (though I have heard good things), but this is my go to spot for awesome workout moves!

So the next time you are lacking in the motivation department, check these ladies out! They will not disappoint :)

Stay tuned for my blogiversary inspiration!

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