Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inspiration: Day 4 - Weddings!

As I mentioned back in my very first post, 2011 was an absolute crazy year full of weddings! 5 in total (one of which was mine). 2011 flew by (and 2012 is on the same track - how is it already March?). So back to weddings. 2012 will also be full of weddings! Catherine, a friend and fellow blogger, is getting ready to tie the knot soon! One of G's best friends is gettin' hitched in September! Aaaand a bridesmaid from my wedding is getting married in about a month! (You can check out her engagement photo teasers here). All so exciting!!!

I had a TON of fun planning my wedding! I also had a TON of help planning. It took place last hot, hot, hot August. We were all sweating, but we still had a blast! More blogs, websites and people inspired me throughout my own planning process (and helping the other girls with theirs) than I could ever write about, so I thought I would leave you with a few links showing just a taste of my favorite, inspiring things.

Caroline & Evan, our wedding photographers, were incredibly inspiring throughout the planning and the big day itself, and continue to inspire other couples. They are so wonderful and have some many great ideas for engagement/wedding photos & planning! They have even started their own wedding magazine called click! to help the bride-to-be with her planning! The first issue launches tomorrow! Check it out!

G's wedding. LOVE. Here is the feature in Florida Bride Magazine (which has some great inspiration for Florida Brides). I think I still have tan lines from the beautiful sunshine that day, almost 2 years ago!

Joe & Lauren's Wedding. My baby brother got married last year! He married his high school sweetheart and they are now expecting their first baby! I will be an aunt yet again! Hooray! Ahem, back to their wedding...they had a traditional ceremony in the church we attended throughout our childhood. It was beautiful. I love, love, love the purple details. Overall, we had a blast!

Re's wedding. Winter wedding in downtown Boston. Wedding + Skyscrapers = Heaven. Absolutely beautiful. Here is the feature in Emmaline Bride. Her details (most of which, including the bouquets, were DIY) were stunning.

So much inspiration, so few weddings for me to plan. I could go on and on, but I will try to contain myself!

I had a lot of items handmade through Etsy. One of my all time favorite websites! :) I learned that if you can't find it, they will make it for you. I promise to do a post about more specifics of my wedding SOMETIME. Promise. And I will give you a list of my Etsy vendors and other vendors because they were all wonderful. In the meantime, here is our quick feature on Fresh Squeezed Weddings. This website will give you all sorts of unique ideas and inspiration!

Ahh I love weddings.

Have you attended an inspirational wedding lately?

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