Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meeting my hubs-to-be

Scott and I both found their way to Florida a few years back to take advantage of the warm weather and sunshine of our great job opportunities. I moved to the Tampa Bay area a few months after college and began working at a small architectural firm. After working in Georgia and California, Scott moved to the area to continue his career in the lighting business. Little did we both know that we had both chosen to live in the same small neighborhood on Snell Isle. Our paths did not cross immediately, however. After the firm I was working for closed its doors, I ended up working 3 different part time jobs (2 of which were nightmare-ish). I had no idea that those jobs would (thankfully) change the direction of her life in the best way possible.

One of those jobs was tending bar at the small, Snell Isle neighborhood bistro. The name of the bistro was Brophy’s (this is a photo of the bar area decorated for New Years:). For those of you who have had the opportunity to visit Brophy’s, you understand why we hold this place so near and dear to our hearts. The Broph, as we lovingly refer to it, was famous for its chili. One quiet (and by quiet we mean that the bar was empty) Saturday evening while I was bartending, a stranger walked in wearing an old Georgia Tech hat. This stranger ordered a bowl of chili and beer. Thinking that there was no way this guy was 21, I asked for his ID. After seeing that his name was Scott and that he was actually 27, a few years older than I was, I was thoroughly embarrassed. Scott must have loved the chili, though, because he became one of my best (and favorite) customers. And the rest is history!

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