Friday, April 1, 2011

A Beach Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was a few weeks ago, here in the Sunshine State, and it was fabulous! The party was hosted by my sister and mother. I have amazing friends and family (some of which were future in-laws:) who traveled from all over the country to share in the celebration and I would not have traded it for anything in the world! I could go on and on about it, but instead here are a few photos to tell the story for me ....
Me and my sister Rachel (my Matron of Honor who can throw one heck of a party).

Opening my very first string of real pearls EVER. And please note the Bride-To-Be sash, courtesy of G of course :)

All day people were sassing me about "breaking the ribbon." For the record, I did not break any of them :)

Seed Paper Favors!!! Love these!! Plant them and wildflowers will grow!

That balloon is a huge diamond ring :) It is still floating around my condo today! Love it.

Cupcakes from The Cupcake Spot in Tampa. They were delicious!

Everything was pink :) As it should be.

The view from our table.

A fan that I will definitely be using on my wedding day when it is hotter than the blazes in here Florida :) This is one of the many, many handmade gifts that Scott's mother brought me back from her last trip to the Philippines earlier this year. Beautiful.

My surprised face, of course!

The sun setting on our wonderful evening!
I owe a huge thank you to everyone involved in making the day a success! Words cannot express my gratitude!

That's all for now!

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